Znaniye Russian School (Central London)

Welcome to Znaniye Russian School!
Translated from Russian as ‘knowledge,' Znaniye was established in 2003, driven by the desire to deliver a unique and dynamic education to students in London. Znaniye has proceeded to successfully hoist its flag and maintain the objective of navigating students through an educational journey to the right way to success.

Nineteen years on, we remain grounded in our original ethos.
Our Pre-School
Our Pre-School focuses on the fundamentals of language: auditory learning, focus on letter-to-letter, and grasping words as a whole
The Primary school course
The Primary school course includes a study of Russian Language, literature, reading, development of speech as well as understanding elements of Russian Culture and History
The GCSE course
The GCSE course prepares students for sitting the Russian GCSE examinations. We offer mock exams and preparation for students of our school and of other schools, along with holding the final exam
The A-Level two year course
The A-Level two year course prepares students for the A2 exams, these can also be taken regardless of having taken the Russian GCSE Level Exam. The course offers full mock exams and feedback to ensure full preparation for students.
Private tuition
Alongside the above courses - Znaniye offers private tuition for students unable to attend weekend school or those who prefer one on one teaching, as well as consultations for students wishing to assess their current level of Russian Language regardless of being a student with us or not.
'My baby and me' club
Along with our school lessons and courses, we offer a 'My baby and me' club for children aged 18 months to 3 years, which runs at our Chelsea and East Finchley locations for an hour on Sundays
The students and parents choose Znaniye for its academic but interactive approach to learning Russian